26th November
11:30am - 12:30pm
 Free event

On Sunday, November 26th at 10.30am, West Kirby Methodist Church will be holding a special service linked to the centenary of Cyril Gourley being awarded the Victoria Cross. The Church is delighted that the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and their consorts will be attending this occasion.

When a sergeant in 1917, he was awarded the Victoria Cross for, “most conspicuous bravery when in command of section of howitzers”, after keeping the enemy in check for a whole day and saving his guns.

Cyril Gourley was born in 1893 and, as a child, he attended Sunday School at West Kirby Methodist Church. He was one of 18 children who each raised £1.1s towards the building of the new church and his initials are on one of the “Children’s Stones” on the staircase leading to the balcony. After the war he lived in West Kirby whilst working for Lever Brothers’ Export Department, travelling widely opening up new business for the company. From 1952 he lived with his mother and sister in Hazlemere in Surrey until his death aged 89. He was buried in West Kirby Grange Cemetery alongside his parents.

Graham Gladden, Heritage Secretary at West Kirby Methodist Church said, “We are honoured to be able to commemorate the courage and compassion of Cyril Gourley. This was a man who continued to demonstrate bravery in the face of overwhelming danger. We are privileged to be able to remember his actions in protecting his comrades and friends. This service will give us a chance to reflect on how much these same values are relevant in today’s world.”

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