Scousers encouraged to walk or take the train on World Car Free Day

By Emma Gunby at

Scousers are being encouraged to ditch their cars to on World Car Free Day this Saturday (September 22).

World Car Free Day aims to ease congestion and improve air quality by promoting mass transit, cycling and walking as an alternative to using the car.

It comes only a week after it was revealed that Liverpool is among the most congested cities anywhere in England outside of London.

View of a Merseyrail station

View of a Merseyrail station

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) recently announced that Liverpool was the second most congested city with Manchester taking the top spot.

The research looked at how easy it was to drive across cities at both peak and off-peak times.

So, what are the alternatives to going by car?

  1. Go by train

Merseyrail is one of the most punctual and reliable rail networks in the whole of the UK. It has some of the most affordable fares in the country and operates over 600 regular services per day, every 15 minutes, to 68 stations throughout the Liverpool City Region, including four underground stations in the city centre that receive services every few minutes. It’s latest performance figures show that 95% of trains on the Northern and Wirral lines arrive on time or within five minute of the scheduled time.

Bike & Go is available from West Kirby train station

  1. Cycle

Bypass the congested traffic by getting on your bike and taking to the city’s many cycle routes. If you don’t have a bike there are many cycle hire schemes across Liverpool, including Citybike and Bike & Go, which you can find at train stations across the region.

Some businesses also offer cycle to work schemes, where they will subsidise the cost of buying a bike.

There is more information on the city’s cycling strategy here you can find out details about hiring Bike & Go here

  1. Take the ferry

The ferry is not just a tourist attraction!

If you are commuting into Liverpool from Wirral, or simply heading into the city for leisure, the ferry is a convenient alternative to the roads.

It operates services all year round including a week day commuter service.

  1. Walk

Instead of sitting in traffic, there are huge benefits to getting out into the fresh air and pounding the pavement.

If you live miles away from work, then it’s probably not a practical solution but you could consider parking further away or getting off the train early and walking the final few miles.

According to the NHS, regular walking is proven to reduce your risk of multiple chronic illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, asthma, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. What’s more, it can also improve your mood and reduce your risk of depression.

  1. Run

If you struggle to fit exercise into your working day, then running to work is a great solution. If you are training for an event, such as a marathon, it is a great way to get your training done before you’ve even started your working day.

As well as the obvious health benefits, you’ll also get a sense of wellbeing as you stride past all the commuters stuck in the traffic. It’s probably best to double check your office has a shower before you set off though.