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West Kirby Business Network launched

By Emma Gunby at

West Kirby Business Network was set up by business owners David Edwards and Lynne Gregory with a view to creating a new and exciting local business hub.

The aim of the network is to bring together the vast business and creative talent that exists in the area with the hope that like-minded people, who run businesses, can hopefully work together.

West Kirby Business Network wants to bring a sense of community back into the work-life balance. Owning a business is no small undertaking, but it should be enjoyable as well. This won’t be a ‘fist pumping’ network, more of a relaxed group who are happy to meet up briefly to chat, exchange ideas, experiences and network over a cup of tea or coffee.

David Edwards & Lynn

David Edwards & Lynne Gregory

Within a week of launch the group is already 90+ strong and contains individuals from a diverse range of businesses. It is hoped that the group can connect and support each other within a relatively informal environment.

The first meet up is planned for 2 May and due to the obvious interest and need for such a network in the area, the founders are already considering how the hub can develop and grow.

“There will be regular, local networking events and we will also be introducing practical training sessions that focus on various aspects of business that can help in the digital and social media driven age we live in.”

David is a commercial photographer and brand designer ( who together with his background in finance built one of the fastest growing products in sport fishing almost 10 years ago whilst Lynne has a web design and digital consultancy business, which also offers project management and design services (

Between them, they work with clients nationally and internationally, but would like to work more with local clients and feel that there may be others with a similar mindset. With this in mind, businesses within West Kirby, Caldy, Hoylake, Meols, Newton and Grange are very welcome to join.

More information can be found on the West Kirby Business Network page on
Facebook where they will post all the details of upcoming events.