Protected species of Herring Gull found shot near Saughall Massie Road

By Emily Rimmer at

RSPCA officials are appealing for witnesses after a protected species of bird was shot and later died in West Kirby.

The Herring Gull was found with a gun pellet lodged in its chest in Paton Close, just off Saughall Massie Road, on Saturday.

The gull was later transferred to the RSPCA’s wildlife hospital, Stapley Grange in Nantwhich, Cheshire, where due to the extent of its injuries it had to be put to sleep.

RSPCA photograph of the injured bird

RSPCA photograph of the injured bird

The gull appeared to be one of a pair of Herring Gulls, which had a rooftop nest with two young gulls inside it on a neighbouring road to where it was found injured.

RSCPA Inspector Anthony Joynes said: “This is absolutely infuriating for me personally, now knowing that there is only one adult left to attend the nest and young.

“Yes, they can be noisy and wake you up early but they are an important part of our ecosystem. They are highly protected by law and are in massive decline with over half the UK breeding population being found in just ten sites.

Xray showing gun pellet lodged in bird's chest

Xray showing gun pellet lodged in bird’s chest

“I would say if you’re lucky enough to live near the coast then you should fully expect to see and hear herring gulls. To take a firearm and decide to shoot them because you deem them to be a nuisance is a criminal offence.”

Anyone with any information about the incident can contact Inspector Joynes on 0300 1234 999.